Blended Learning Solution Software to deliver blended learning

Run face-to-face courses or live online webinars. Make it multi-session or add eLearning activities. With Arlo, you can introduce new ways to teach and learn.

Run courses with multiple sessions and activities

With Arlo you can sell blended learning courses that consist of multiple live online sessions, face-to-face events, and eLearning activities. The ultimate blended solution!

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Face-to-face Sell public and private courses

Arlo allows you to easily sell and manage your training courses. Accept registrations and payments online. And automatically send booking confirmations, including calendar appointments, to registrants, venue contacts, and presenters.

blended learning solution

Webinars Deliver live online

Sell training to people all over the world using web conferencing technology. Running live, interactive, and engaging training sessions, has never been easier. Track attendance automatically in Arlo.

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Elearning Sell self-paced eLearning modules

Create modules that people can complete in their own time, online, from anywhere. Include surveys and quizzes, record scores, and track completion rates.

blended learning solution

Case Study True’s Arlo + Zoom + Learnbook blended learning solution

How does Arlo’s blended solution work?

Let’s walk through the lifecycle of a blended training course…

Schedule your courses

Easily schedule your calendar of blended courses in Arlo. For classroom sessions, specify the presenter and venue information. For webinar sessions, specify the Zoom host.

Publish them on your website

Use our drag-and-drop website builder or connect your existing website to Arlo so when you schedule a course, it’s automatically published on your website.

Accept and manage bookings

Learners can register and pay for your blended courses right from your website. You can create custom forms that capture the information you need and even upsell your customers with optional sessions and extras.

Automate communication

All course-related emails are automated. Including order confirmations, invoices, course instructions, and pre-reading material.

Deliver your courses

Your trainers are automatically sent details about the course – whether it’s on-site or online. They can check-in attendees with Arlo’s mobile app or engage with them on Zoom. All attendance data is fed back into Arlo.

Certificates, surveys and more

Once a course is completed, Arlo can automatically send personalized certificates to those who passed, send feedback surveys, and invite registrants to attend your next related course.

Common questions

What is a blended learning system?

Blended learning systems are used to manage all the moving pieces of a blended learning course, such as scheduling and emailing learning. They allow you to mix together instructor-led sessions in a classroom or over Zoom, and access self-paced elearning activities. Some software goes further by allowing you to sell your blended courses online and report on performance.

Who uses blended learning software?

1 Training providers who regularly deliver blended courses and need an efficient way to manage their many course administration tasks.
2. Internal training providers – training people who do not pay to attend a course, for example upskilling your staff
3. External, commercial training providers – training people who pay to attend a course.

Do I need a blended learning solution?

If you run more than 2 or 3 blended courses per month, you probably need a blended learning solution as they’re so labor-intensive. Yes, you can manage them manually, but this solution doesn’t scale. Blended learning solutions save you time by eliminating manual administration, so you focus on course delivery, course development or business development.

Can a blended learning system run my training business?

Some blended solutions go well beyond simple course management. Known as training management systems, they manage all aspects of your business. They can power your website, capture bookings and payments, automation follow-up tasks, report on performance, and integrate with your other business systems.

How much do blended solutions cost?

From $25 to over $1,000 per month. Arlo starts at $99 per month plus $2 per registration – view the pricing.

Integrate with LMS and webinar software Integrated blended solutions

Arlo integrates with the world’s top webinar software and learning management systems. To add webinars and eLearning modules to your blended learning course, simply integrate with the software of your choice. With complete control and visibility from one central hub it’s easy course management for you. And a seamless experience for your learners.

Learning system
Integrate aNewSpring with Arlo to create and deliver blended learning. Arlo manages your course registrations and logistics, while aNewSpring looks after the self-paced content.
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Learning system
Intergate LearnDash with Arlo to promote and sell self-paced elearning, live online, face-to-face, and blended courses.
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Learning system
Integrate Coassemble LMS with Arlo to promote and sell self-paced elearning, live online, face-to-face, and blended courses.
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Learning system
Integrate Teachable with Arlo to promote and sell self-paced elearning, live online, face-to-face, and blended courses.
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Learning system
Intergate TalentLMS with Arlo to promote and sell self-paced elearning, live online, face-to-face, and blended courses.
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Arlo's integration with Zoom combines the world’s leading webinar software with the Training Management System designed to help you sell more.
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Learning system
Arlo for Moodle LMS offers a total solution for training providers who promote and sell self-paced online, face-to-face, live online, and blended courses.
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Arlo offers a full integration with GotoWebinar so that your attendees and events in GoToWebinar are synchronised with Arlo.
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Arlo is way more than software to manage blended learning. It’s a training company system to manages your business from end-to-end so you can sleep easy.

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Live Online Courses

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Self-paced Elearning

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Certification and licence management

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